DPP Officials Hail APM For Firing Chaponda: Wants Him Fired As President For DPP In The South

Top guns in ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have hailed President Peter Mutharika for kicking Dr. George Chaponda as minister of Agriculture.

In an interview with Malawi Independent, the senior officials who opted for anonymity said the party needs to commend the President for his decision to relieve Chaponda as soon as he got recommendations that he needed to be investigated.

“President Peter Mutharika is a man of action and of his word. He was not shielding anyone. When time came that Chaponda had to go, Mutharika relieved him of his duties and let ACB carry its work on him independently,” they said.

These Top DPP gurus say are in disagreement with those who think Mutharika should have acted earlier.

“That would have been before he got any solid evidence. That’s not the way our head of state works,” they added.

“We are now looking forward to see Mutharika firing Chaponda as the President for DPP in the South, Chaponda is being investigated by ACB and the best way for the party not to be dragged in new mess is to free Chaponda by relieving him of the duties at the party, until the time that the institutions shall clear him of any wrong doings.” Said the DPP officials.

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