Kamlepo Wants To Dupe Arab Investors,Commits To Personally Issue Them Bank Guarantee On Behalf Of Mw Govt

Rumphi East Parliamentarian kamlepo Kalua has been exposed in his plan which was aimed at lobbying Arab banks, by lying to them that he would use his position as a member of parliament, to issue a bank guarantee for them on behalf of Malawi Government.

In a letter dated April 1, 2016 reference number KK/RE/GC/2016/1 and subjected “Business collaboration with Malawi government.”

Kamlepo wrote the arabs (Names withheld) in his official capacity as a representatives of other 193 parliamentarians who has sent him to negotiate a deal on behalf of Malawi government.

“I am pleased to inform you that we have reviewed your proposal and all the accompanying documents, and that we are satisfied with the viability of the program. As members of parliament, we are undertaking to issue a bank Guarantee for and on behalf of the Malawi government, so that the projects can immediately roll out.” Reads part of the letter signed by Kamlepo Kalua.

Kamlepo Kalua further asked the Arabs in the letter to allow him and four others to visit the gulf state on their expense to see some of their projects.

Our source believes there was an element of a scam or corrupt practices which Kamlepo Kaluwa and others were up to since It is surprising to see that a Committee of parliament through Kamlepo Kalua wanted to issue a Bank Guarantee on behalf of Malawi Government without the knowledge of the government.

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