Let George Chaponda MP Step Aside For The Sake Of Sanity To Prevail In DPP, APM’s Government

The stand of Malawi Independent is that Hon George Chaponda-MP who is minister of Agriculture , Irrigation and water development is innocent until the courts shall find him guilty.

However, there are two reasons why our publication feel he must be fired or voluntarily step aside regardless of those other factors:

  1. He has lost appeal to the people, the general populace because of the hard hitting negative publicity he has been given. He is stinking and whether innocent or not, most people have developed a dislike for him. He is a product that is no longer needed on the market because it is no longer appealing to people because of too much bad rumours about its effects and it has become hard to sell. If the seller forces it to be on the market, he will make loses because people wont buy it. Or the owner of the product must invest huge amounts of money in marketing to clear the image of the product and that, only if it is cost effective to do so. It is hoped that you understand the analogy.
  2. Firing Hon Chaponda would be a political strategy to control the damage that his continued stay in office is bringing to the party and its leadership. He is a suspect but at times it is morally and politically right to suspend an officer or member while investigations are going on especially in cases where keeping the officer/member is causing a public outcry. Hon Kondwani Nankhumwa, and other political officers have been suspected of corruption and remained in Office and that is because they still had or have some public sympathy and trust to remain in that office unlike Hon Chaponda who has lost all that.

There is no public sympathy on his side. And Democratic Progressive Party can’t keep him in the front line. His presence in the frontline of DPP won’t be good for politics.

Chaponda may be innocent but Democratic Progressive Party and the Arthur Peter Mutharika government has the reputation of the party and leadership to save and protect by controlling the public discontent.

With these few points, Malawi Independent suggests that Hon Chaponda be relieved of his ministerial position or he voluntarily relinquishes it.

The good thing is that if he does that and he is cleared of wrong doing, his support and reputation will glide the ladder so high that he will be a champion in the eyes of many.

On the other hand, if he is found in the wrong, he will have already left the spotlight and the impact or publicity of it will be so minimal.

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