Transformation Alliance Hits At Mutharika’s Govt: Accuses APM Of Shielding Chaponda,Giving Him Executive Arrogance

The Transformation Alliance-TA is deeply shocked by the suspicious fire at the Ministry of Agriculture at the heat of pending corruption investigations on the responsible minister, Hon George Chaponda over the controversial maize deal. The coincidence is ill timed at least to all reasonable and well-meaning Malawians wishing the country progress.

We refuse to believe that the fire is normal without any political attachments bent at sweeping under the carpet the much sought after truth on the maize saga. TA realizes the DPP administration’s capabilities in employing dirty undemocratic tactics to shield corrupt individuals even in this sensitive matter.

We blame the Leadership for carelessly presiding over this mess when it needed to act decisively and timely on the infamous Agriculture minister embroiled in corrupt acts. The Presidents seemingly fearful approach in dealing with his arrogant minister reflects badly on his leadership and aspirations for the Country. TA sees a much bigger powerful hand in Hon Chaponda’s unwarranted executive arrogance. It is clear that only the he President understands better why the minister currently facing corruption investigations should not be relieved of his duties to avoid potential interference.

History has it that the DPP administration is synonymous with fires and Malawians know better what the DPP administration is capable of doing. Sad stories of fires are part of its silent manifestos and come as no strange thing to us. We all know how the Malawi electoral Commission Warehouse got burnt in weird circumstances in Lilongwe at the peak of vote recounting demands.

Escom House in Blantyre lies in ruins owing to some suspicious fire and we know how various markets have been razed down. How houses and vehicles of DPP critics got burnt is still fresh with us. These acts leave the majority suspecting that it is a tactic to hide the clandestine activities by those in ruling DPP. But it’s unfortunate for it defeats the reforms it shamelessly preaches about? It’s a big blow to the ambitious plans by the Kamuzu administration of building the capital hill which could be a pride to the nation.
In addition, the ministers’ offices are equipped with fire detection and initial firefighting equipment like extinguishers. Again, the staff is trained in basic firefighting skills which could have enabled them to douse the fire in its infancy stage since these are busy offices with people around. That’s why we have more answers than questions on this. We join those suspecting that this is a ploy to destroy crucial evidence not only to this maizegate but also many other shoddy deals taking place in this government.

The Alliance therefore wants the president to assure the nation that the incident won’t affect investigations on his beleaguered minister. We further make this strong appeal that the president stops being fooled by the so called untouchable ministers in his cabinet. He must walk his talk on corruption. The President must realize that Hon Chapondas continued presence in service, even when cleared by the commission of enquiry into the maize saga is recipe for disorder in both the Government and the ruling DPP. Failure to strongly act on all the suspicious activities surrounding the ministry of agriculture s leaves us with more grounds to believe a bigger hand is partaking in corrupt spoils not only from the maizegate but many that ordinary citizens can’t detect.

In conclusion, we call on all Malawians not to relent but push for a better Malawi. President MUTHARIKA and his administration must not be too clever for the seventeen million people. This is Malawi for us all and we must protect it from dangerous corrupt heartless leaders.
We wish the president well as he seeks Gods guidance to act on this matter without fear and trusting God for wisdom and his Protection.
We urge the president to borrow the wisdom of the sailors in the book of Jonah 1:14-15

Moses Kunkuyu
15th February, 2017

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