VP Saulos Chilima Hailed By Veteran Musician Lucius Banda, Malawians For Fatherly Response To Flood Victims

Musician Lucius Banda has hailed Vice President Saulos Chilima for what he described as fatherly response to to floods that have so far ravaged some parts of the country.

Banda, who is also United Democratic Front (UDF) Member of Parliament for Balaka North he picture has said this in reaction to the picture where the Vice President was embracing twins trapped by water saved by Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers.

Writing on his official facebook page, Banda said he is hopeful that the country soon will be not ruled by a boss but a father.

“I have a feeling, that someday soon! This country shall have no boss but a father, no first lady but a mother, It shall have no president but a leader, l have a feeling that we shall go back into a competition of good humanity for there will be a medal for patriotism.

“When Evil shall be shameful and good shall be praised l have a feeling today,” reads in part Banda’s post.

Banda’s post has stunned his fans with others joining him in appraising Chilima.

Added Elsie Elisheba: “ I like this photos too. I can see love honestly regardless of one’s class. A big lesson is that even when you are told a high profile person is visiting you don’t go round borrowing decent clothes to look the best of you.”

About 2000 people in Mtandile have been affected of which 400 people are camped at the school.

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