“Message to President Peter Mutharika of Malawi,”Concerned Citizen Sembe Gondwe Pens APM

Mr President, Greetings from 21 Corporation Road.

I will doubt your faculties if George Chaponda is still Minister of Agriculture by Friday.

Why? Do you remember that during campaign period in 2014 the opposition used your weak leadership at Ministry of Education that slowed down university activities for over 6 months as a strongest weapon of you not being a suitable candidate for the presidency office?

I concurred with your defence of the same. If you don’t fire Chaponda by Friday I will agree with the opposition that we, Malawians made a wrong choice by choosing you as our leader. You will prove to me that you are a weak leader.

Go above petty politics and fire Chaponda. In his desperate moment, he is now implicating Goodall Gondwe, the Finance minister; what will stop him from implicating you Mr President when the going gets tough.

Your emotionless reference to the maizegate scandal at KIA last week seemed disconnected from the horrific truth particular when you reverted to script to praise your beleaguered cabinet.

Whether, you love, adore, cherish George Chaponda time has now come for you to fire him. This is not time to play around with Malawians. You will regret and you will remember this post.

Have fun on this Valentine day with our beloved First Lady, Gertrude.

Yours Truly, from 21 Corporation Road.
Sembe Gondwe

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