MCP Sets Ministry Of Agriculture Offices On Fire To Link The Arson To Chaponda

In a more desperate attempt by the Opposition MCP & PP to force President Mutharika to fire Hon. Dr. Chaponda as Minister of Agriculture, MCP operates have set the Ministry of Agriculture offices on fire in a bid to smear more mud at the Minister.

In a twist of events, Kamlepo Kaluwa knew of the fire few minutes before it happened as he mentioned it in Parliament.

MCP has set out to practice dirty politics and propaganda in a bid to discredit the DPP-led government.

Rev. Dr. Chakwera has tried in several attempts to provoke the DPP and government machinery but the later has challenged Dr. Chakwera that in all those attempts, DPP government would not arrest him, as it is clear to be his strategy to achieve sympathy from the public.

The Malawi Congress Party in December warned DPP government that they will make Malawi ungovernable in 2017

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