‘I Did Not Donate To Karonga Flood Victims Because I am Not Tumbuka,’ Says Chakwera

Opposition Malawi Congress Party President Lazarus Chakwera has said, he had no time to pay a visit to flood victims in the Northern region, basically Karonga district because he is not a Tumbuka and has nothing to do with them.

Chakwera was speaking at Mtandile, Lilongwe when he visited the victims of the floods that have affected hundreds of people in the area, where he also donated $ 350 when he is on record to be constructing a Mk 250 million mansion in area 6.

It has been established that Chakwera quickly rushed to visit the flood victims in Lilongwe because he is a chewa and helping his kinsmen, the people who have always supported Malawi COngress Party when those in the North are unpredictable to vote for MCP.

The conduct of Lazarus Chakwera is clear that he is a tribalist ,who only thinks of his fellow Chewas and not any other tribe.

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