Simbi Phiri Denies Buying, Donating $ 7 Mn Presidential Jet To Malawi Govt As Circulated On Social Media

Simbi Phiri of Khato Civils has denied rumours making rounds on social media, alleging that he is donating a $ 7 million presidential jet to Malawi government.

In a media statement issued on 6th January, 2017 by Khato Civils Media and Public Relations officer, Taonga Botolo, it is evident enough that some misguided and unscrupulous individuals are deliberately making false claims for the reasons better known to themselves, to tarnish the image of Simbi Phir, Khato civils and the Democratic Progressive Party government, led by President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika.

The statement in full reads:

Past couple of days have been filled with rumours making rounds that Khato Civils Executive Chairperson Mr. Simbi Phiri, is intending to purchase a $7 million- worth jet meant for the country’s Head of State.

We would like to categorically dispel this false construct which only aims at defying the decorum of conducting business within government system.

Never at any given time has Mr. Simbi Phiri spoke to anyone within or without government of any intention to avail funds for such a purchase.

The information in circulation on social media is total fabrication, malicious, slanderous and deliberately twisted to distract Khato Civils from our core functions notable of which is to pump water from Lake Malawi to the capital city Lilongwe.

Currently, the focus of the company is on undertaking the water project to the best of our professional ability, nothing else. A consignment of equipment for the project is on the way into the country, a true indication that Khato Civils is preoccupied with this, nothing else.

Lastly, Mr. Phiri is humbly appealing to fellow countrymen not to drag him into unfounded rumours that emanate from wishes of few citizens. Months ago he was also at centre of another hoax story that made rounds on social media dragging him into assertions that he had promised a local football club a 60-seater coach.

It is our plea that those who come across any information linking Khato Civils or Mr. Simbi Phiri to any transaction should contact our offices for clarification before re-publishing same information in other fora thereby helping to spread falsehood.


Taonga Botolo
Media and Public Relations Officer
Khato Civils (PTY) Limited
P.O. Box 31703, Capital City, Lilongwe

Mobile Contacts:
+265 999 671 900/+265 888 971 900

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