Mutharika, Tanzania Minister Of Foreign Affairs Hold Talks At Kamuzu Palace: Full Speech

President Peter Mutharika held talks with Tanzania Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Dr. Augustine Mahiga at Kamuzu palace palace, among others at the meeting were Francis Kasaila, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Malawi;Hawa Ndilowe, Malawi High Commissioner to the United Republic of Tanzania and Her Excellency Victoria Richard Mwakasege, High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania to Malawi;

Here is a full speech of what President Mutharika said:

Honourable Minister, please, feel very welcome to Malawi on your very first visit as Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation of the United Republic of Tanzania;

As you are aware, Malawians and Tanzanians are basically one and the same people as they share similar cultures, language, practices; and a common ancestral heritage;

As one people, it is important to continue strengthening our historical relations that exist between us;

I was, therefore, delighted to hold a meeting with My Brother, His Excellency, Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, where we discussed various issues of mutual interest just last week in Addis Ababa;

The meeting which I had with my brother has opened a new level of cooperation, since both of us have strong desires to improve and enhance our relations to the higher levels;

I am, therefore, grateful to Tanzania for accepting Malawi’s invitation for a Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation (JPCC) Meeting here in Lilongwe;

I am told that the JPCC meeting has agreed on various issues of mutual interests which are beneficial to the two countries;

It is pleasing that the meeting has provided an opportunity for the two countries to sign for the first time, the Memorandum of Understanding on Political and Diplomatic Consultation through which the two countries will cooperate on matters of foreign relations which include: holding of quarterly meetings between Ministries of Foreign Affairs in each other’s countries with Resident Missions, holding bi-annual meetings between Ministries of Foreign Affairs and convening of the JPCC’s according to schedules;

The agreement on cooperation in training of each other’s Diplomats; Cooperation in Local Government Authorities whereby officials along the border Districts and regions of our two countries will be meeting on a regular basis to share best practices for mutual interest; cooperation in public service management reforms and supporting each other in common positions and each other’s candidates in regional and international meetings;

I am gratified that the meeting has also made a lot of important agreements towards trade and investment promotion between the two countries which include: the establishment of the Simplified Trade Regime (STR) which will economically benefit Small and Medium scale businesses plying their trade between our two borders; establishment of the One Stop Border Post (OSBP) at Kasumulu/Songwe Border, which will make it easier for our traders to ply trade between the two countries; the agreement to find solutions to the Tariff and Non-Tariff Measures by March 2017, which affect trade between our two countries especially duties charged on Malawi Sugar in Tanzania; cooperation on trade fairs; holding of joint border operations to curb illegal trade; are all important issues which will economically benefit our two countries and improve the socio-economic development of our countries;

On the other hand, the Bilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA) will create a new opportunity for the air travel business and investments as it will enable our Malawian Airlines to expand its operations in Tanzania. It is pleasing to note that our Airline will soon commence flights operations into Zanzibar which is good news to the business and travelling public;

The agreement on improving transport and communications systems including rehabilitation and upgrade of the road transport networks of the Northern Corridor and the joint exploration of feasibility of constructing rail links between Mbeya and Northern Malawi, Mbeya and Itungi Port to Malawi, and Mtwara through Mbamba Bay to NkhataBay in Malawi and the operationalization of the Mtwara Development Corridor will go along way in enhancing our shared goals in the socio-economic development of our countries;

On the Songwe River Basin Development Programme, the two countries have agreed to expedite the ratification of the Convention establishing the Songwe River Basin Development Commission to manage and oversee the development of the basin. The establishment of the Commission would pave way for the third phase of the programme, which will involve construction of dams, power generation, irrigated agriculture and river stabilization;

The enhanced cooperation in energy matters, tourism, he

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