Pressure Mounts On JB, Deny Meeting Chakwera As PP Officials Threaten To Dump Party Over Alliance With MCP

Former President Joyce Banda who is in exile for years now has been forced to deny meeting Chakwera in the United States, where PP and MCP have signed an agreement on how they plan to work together to unseat DPP in the elections slated for 2019, after several officials in Peoples Party have expressed their dissatisfaction with the alliance and threatened to dump the party.

This is not the first time for Joyce Banda to work with Chakwera, since information from cash gate convict Osward Lutepo revealed that Banda sponsored the MCP campaign .

As this is not enough, Joyce Banda wanted to nullify the 2014 elections and told her PP to support MCP if she could not stand in the re-run election, if MCP and PP had won an election recount case.

Making the communication through social media, Joyce Banda wrote:

“I came here for “National Prayer Breakfast” invited by American government, equally my friends,this “National Prayer Breakfast” is all about building personal relationships and deepening international ties through our love of God and care for each other and has nothing to do with politics.”

There is nothing like signing any coalition with any party as propagated by “Malawi Voice” and other online social media publications.

In fact we are here in Washington DC and the other mentioned party members of the other party are in Malawi,how do you sign coalition in that way?

This is purely a cheap propaganda coming from confusionist trying to divert people’s mind from the main issues on ground about maizegate.

“Therefore,I would like to diassociate myself and all my friends mentioned in that propaganda going around,that rumour is a sattire with unfounded truth,please ignore it.”Banda said

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