MBTS Turns Into Political Party As PRO Allen Kaombe Urges Malawians To Rise Up Against Chaponda: Pockets Millions From Opposition Operatives

The country’s sole blood bank, Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) has now departed from its core functions and is busy advising and mobilizing Malawians to rise up against government in reaction to the maize saga.

MBTS public relations manager and spokesperson, Allen Kaombe, has taken it upon himself consistently attacking government for what he terms ‘bad leadership’

His recent rantings on Facebook have been about Chaponda’s ministerial post which he says should not be entertained.

“My fellow Malawians, the High Court stopped Chaponda from working but I think he still gets his perks. I urge you all to find out from stakeholders such as banks, OPC and Treasury if he is still getting paid,” wrote Kaombe.

He further asked Malawians to rise up against government if they find out that Chaponda is still getting his dues.

This is the first time ever for MBTS to drag itself into partisan politics since it was established over a decade ago.

The first PRO, Victor Katchika Jere, never took it upon himself to taint the institution’s image with extra duties such as politics, a huge contrast from Kaombe who is said to be an ardent MCP supporter and financier.

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