George Kasakula Ends Times Group In Trouble, Sued For Intentional Lies On ‘Who Reported This? We Said Chaponda Did Not Pick His Phone’

Times Group Managing Editor George Kasakula has landed his employer in trouble for publishing his views ,leaving the truth which Hon.George Chaponda shared with Times Publication and manipulating the author of article ‘Defiant Chaponda’ which appeared in the papers last weekend to satisfy his political masters.

Honourable Chaponda has  so far sort the services of M & M Global Law Consultants who have already written Times group manager ,copied to Alick Ponje and George Kasakula in his capacity as Chief Editor expressing that the article was defamatory and that, Mr. Kasakula deliberately chose to twist facts to portray that George Chaponda is not cooperative to  appear before the committee when he had already told Times Group that he was served with the invitation late.

The lawyers presenting Chaponda have also highlighted a contradiction which Kasakula made on the typeset as shown on a copy of the edition Times Group printed shown below , stating that Times group stand was to report that George Chaponda did not pick his phones when the contrary was true.



Here are the copies of the writ which have already been served to Kasakula, Ponje and Chikadya.

Chaponda sues Times Group

Chaponda sues Times Group

Copy of writ of summon

Copy of writ of summon

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