No More Excuses, Lies Kamlepo, PAC: Malawians Are Waiting For The Naming, Shaming Of Corrupt Ministers In APM’ Cabinet

The long awaited day by  Malawians is finally here, people in the Southern Africa nation have been waiting for the 31st Of January 2017 as promised by the able and honest Malawi National Assembly that they will name and shame the corrupt ministers in the cabinet of President Mutharika.

Many Malawians are anxious to know names of implicated serving cabinet ministers in the multi-billion Kwacha financial scam, as promised by the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly led by vocal Rumphi East law maker Kamlepo Kalua of Peoples Party.

It is expected that the announcement will be made shortly before the departure to Zambia of a Parliamentary Committee that is investigating issues surrounding the purchase of maize which has so far failed to prove corruption elements and prove that Malawi government paid billions to Zambias Kaloswe commuters.

According to Kamlepo Kalua,the names are contained in an Audit Report  that the Committee has from the Auditor General.

Mutharika challenged PAC to bring forward the names of those involved in the looting or shut their mouth forever with their baseless allegations against his leadership.

The President called upon those with names to present them to him to act for he had not seen the names and he was not going to fire anyone for mere speculations without supporting information.

If the revelations will be made as promised, It will now be upon the Executive to act since the President has time and time again said give him the names and he will act according to the law.

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