Neighbors In Action: APM, Magufuli discuss MW-TZ Bilateral Cooperation On The Sidelines Of AU Summit

Presidents Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika of Malawi and John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania on Monday held a bilateral meeting in Addis Ababa on the sidelines of the 28th Africa Union Summit currently underway.

President Mutharika called for the meeting to discuss a wide range of issues including cooperation between the two neighboring countries.

Malawi and Tanzania have remained close partners in trade, education, security and social aspects.

Observers say though proceedings of the meeting are yet to be published in full, there is a strong hint that the two leaders remain committed to finding solutions to the Lake Malawi tension which came about when Tanzania suggested ownership of part of the lake years back.

Lately President Mutharika gave strong assurances to Malawians that he intends to amicably pacify the Lake Malawi issue with President Magufuli.

Trade-wise, Malawi uses the Mtwara Corridor to import and export goods both from Tanzania and overseas past ports in Dar es Salaam.

Among the major imports Malawi receives through Tanzania are second-hand vehicles from East Asia and textile.

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