Zambians Call For The Arrest Of Corrupt Opposition Leader Chishimba, Let Him Not Divert Our Attention With False Allegations On Mw Maize Sale

It is irresponsible for citizens to alarm the nation by making unsubstantiated allegations of corruption as Dr. Savior Chishimba is doing over a number of issues that he is raising in the public.

None of the corruption allegations being raised by Dr. Chishimba is holding water of corruption. He is like one fishing brims in a mud pond.

Dr. Chishimba has failed to clearly point at who got corrupted in the maizegate scandal, yet he is asking the President to clear himself. What is President Lungu going to clear himself on, when the business transaction is very clear.

On ZNBC News, Dr. Chishimba alleged that ZCF was paid through PTA Bank when in fact it is just a letter of credit which was issued. Nonetheless, what is wrong in ZCF supplying maize to Malawi with the consent of Govt.

It seems Dr. Chishimba is trying to divert attention from his corruption allegations which were clearly outlined in the 2015 auditors report.

Dr. Chishimba is proudly exhorting the ACC to investigate a case which is no case of investigation. ACC is paid by Tax payers, not UPP, and it is not right that they should be wasting time on cases that has no substance reported by some politicians trying to cover their corrupt activities as a decoy.

It is more justified to ask the ACC to follow Dr. Chishimba than persuing a straight forward case of maize export to Malawi.

Malawi has set up a commission of Inquiry because the same maize coming from Zambia is being abused by some people in Govt. It seems that some private people in Malawi are selling the maize on the market at inflated prices.

The inquiry has nothing to do with the contract between ZCF and ADMARC of Malawi, who is benefiting from the maize when it is in Malawi.

It would really be appreciated if Dr. Chishimba can address his corruption allegation at NYDC as cited in the audit report of 2015.

We will await the findings of ACC on the maize but we know, nothing dubious will be revealed, however, evidence seems more overwhelming against D. Chishimba which could the reason why he is glittery. From our point of view it is Dr. Chishimba to be arrested than all those he is pointing at.

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