Malawi Law Enforcement Agencies Clear Shiraz: He Is A Genuine Supplier To Malawi Govt

Malawi law enforcement agencies Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Police
Fiscal Unit and Malawi Revenue Authority have all fully cleared
businessman Shiraz Ferreira of S.F International.

For the past two years, some bogus online publications in Malawi have
been tarnishing the image of Ferreira on cashgate and money laundering
allegations but with the clearance, everything has been put to rest.

Ferreira was embroiled into Cashgate accusations by some social media
websites that he was defrauding government by getting payments on
goods he did not supply to the Malawi Defence Force.

It all started in 2013 when cashgate was exposed in Malawi and some
rival suppliers took advantage of the situation by tarnishing the
business guru through smear campaign on social media, in a move to
have his contract terminated.

However law enforcement agencies have dismissed the allegations saying
Ferreira is a genuine supplier to the Malawi government who follows
the terms and delivers.

According to one senior government official who spoke to our reporter
in an exclusive interview had the following to say:

“S. F International has been a preferred supplier to the Malawi
Defence Force for the last six years and is also the local Malawian
representative for OTT Technologies who are military equipment
manufacturers based in Pretoria, South Africa.

“It is clear that unlike what has been said so far on this issue, S.F
International is not in anyway associated in cashgate scandal and not
only does the company have a valid contract with the Malawi government
but the supplies are being delivered in accordance to the contract.”

Our investigation in his Linkedin profile shows that he is a military
supplier in Malawi.

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