Cease-fire?: Bwande Satires Dr. Chaponda…. Questions Kamlepo’s Sanity


 As twists and turns continue to characterise the on going ‘Maizegate’ probe, MIJ FM radio’s exclusive cartoon ‘Bwande’ on Saturday morning declared a ceasefire on his embattled ‘uncle’ Dr. Ponderani Chimanga Bwantasa whom the citizens of ‘Chikumbeni’ are accusing of stealing maize.

Bwande, a social-political radio cartoon, has been a fierce critic of ‘Ponderani Chimanga Bwantasa’, whom many also suspect that he is harbouring ambitions of taking over from ‘Chief Chikumbeni’ also known as ‘A Braz Mmerikano’ in the bwande series, and is therefore amasing too much and questionable wealth for campaign purposes.

But on Saturday, in an apparent agreement to some social media statements that are questioning the authenticity of claims that maize was stolen, Bwande said: “Ndipo zonenanso Malume Ponderani ndaleka. Ndipo yemwenso ndimumve akunyoza malume wanga ndithana naye.

And also apparently reacting to Kamlepo Kalua’s outbursts on the media regarding the ongoing parliamentary probe on the saga, Bwande wondered why the citizens of ‘Chikumbeni’ are not protesting the same way they did with Dr. Jane Banda’s facebook post.

“Tchwee Mwana Tchelele nayenso angoyankhula zoduka mutu. Chonsenso anthu a mmudzi muno munakwiya mzimai ofufuza atalankhula zomwezi,” satires Bwande in an apparent reference to Solister General’s (Jane Banda) comment on Facebook

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