Uncovering Ruling DPP Eastern Region Secrets At ESCOM

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secret actions in the Eastern region districts have been exposed at the Electricity Supply Commision of Malawi (ESCOM).

According to the information we have sourced from ESCOM, ruling DPP is living by its promise and achieving more in a short period of time compared to other administrations to make sure that Malawi has long term solutions to deal with electricity prolems.

Very shortly, issues of blackout are going to be a thing of the past.

As we write, Malawi Independent has established that almost 90 percent of the Eastern region will no longer complain about electricity and blackouts since  Mangochi district has been connected to Mozambique power grid.

The power which ESCOM will be getting from neighboring M0zambique  will largely ease the issues of blackouts for those people in areas like Monkeybay, Makawa, Maldeco, Mangochi boma, Ulongwe, Ntakataka, Golomoti, Namwera, Chiponde, Ntaja (Machinga) to have uninterrupted power supply.

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika on several occasions told Malawians that his government is committed to deal with issue of blackout and this project is on record to  be completed within the 2017.

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