Concerned Citizens Get An Injunction Stopping Parliamentary Commitee To Further Waste Money On Maize Gate Probe

Concerned citizens across the country have joined hands and seek to get an injunction stopping the parliamentary committee on Agriculture to waste money, with their so called probe into Maize gate.

According to local reports, so far the member of Parliament have failed to prove that there was or is a corruption element in the planned maize purchase in Zambia, having interviewed several people who were involved in the process which was broadcast live on local radio station ZBS.

From the interviews, It was clear that the members of parliament were lost and had no idea of what they were looking for when they kept asking questions which were contrary to the probe.

In addition, the MP have failed to provide Malawians with evidence that ADMARC and other officials made payments to Zambia on the maize as reported by some media houses.

With this background, the concerned citizens feel that money is being waste which could have been used to help Malawians in others areas and there is no point to let this committee continue with its probe, which so far has already drained millions in allowances with no tangible outcome.

“There is no need for these MP’s to travel to Zambia when they have failed to get anything tangible here in Malawi, they only want to waste money in allowances.This is the reasons we are getting this injunction,”said one of the concerned citizens.

Another observer said what the parliamentarians are doing is a duplication of work, we have ACB and a commission of inquiry which is working on the same issue, the coming in of the parliamentarians is just another misplaced opportunity.

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