MCP Thugs Aspiring To Become MP Chancy Mtambo,Ulemu Msungama Injure Oldman ..As They Fight For Supremacy

Lilongwe City South East constituency has become a hotbed of violence among Malawi Congress Party roughnecks as daggers have been drawn between youthful aspirants Ulemu Msungama and Chancy Mtambo.

Recent in a spate of violent acts, Msungama is reported to have hired thugs who roughed up District Chairman, Mr Kawila, for reasons yet to be established.

An army of Msungama thugs went to the district office where they beat up Kawila before bundling him in a lorry and took him to Area 23.

Upon getting to Area 23, the thugs paraded Kawila in the streets while roughing him up. They later abandoned him unconscious and well wishers took him to Kamuzu Central Hospital.

He is still receiving treatment with two broken ribs, a heavily bruised and swollen face, and a dislocated shoulder.

It is reported that Msungama thinks Kawila is favouring the foul mouthed, Chancy Mtambo, who has made it clear that he will not live to see his colleague win the party primaries come what may.

The two have been fighting verbal battles all along and the situation seems to be getting out of hand. On several occasions Mtambo has vulgarly accused Msungama of thinking he is a son to Chakwera.

“Stop calling Chakwera your father, he doesn’t have a child like you” Mtambo has repeatedly been heard saying.

Party officials have refused to comment on the saga but many party supporters in Lilongwe has expressed dismay at the level of violence in what is dubbed a rebranded MCP.

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