DPP Protecting Its Base..Gaining Grounds In Central Region,’ MCP’s Stronghold’: Gets A Mayor In Kamuzu Banda’s Home District

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party continues to gain grounds and support from Malawians across all the regions. This has been witnessed by the recent mayoral elections which took place in several places across all the three regions of Malawi.

From the outcomes of the elections, Democratic Progressive Party has managed to protect its strong bases in the Southern region, making it hard for opposition Malawi Congress Party to penetrate and get votes from them.

During the polls, weak opposition MCP got nothing from the polls in Luchenza and Blantyre city while the ruling DPP lost the mayoral election in Lilongwe with one vote (15:14).

A clear sign that Democratic Progressive Party is munching on MCP.

In Kasungu, the polls were shifted to a later day when DPP and MCP got five votes each in the elections,shows that DPP is able to penetrate the MCP territory while MCP fails to do the same in DPP strongholds.

The re-elections of Kasungu mayor has seen DPP trump over MCP in the home district of Kamuzu Banda, the founding father of Malawi Congress Party with Irene Katola emerging winner with 6 votes against MCP’s 4 votes.

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