MCP Jessie Kabwira Wants Bloodshed In Malawi, Says The Country Will Be In Chaos

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) fired Spokesperson Jessie Kabwera has openly said Malawi will be in chaos and bloodshed.

She made the sentiments in Malawi Parliamentary forum and below is her verbatim:

a kulu kulu. dpp has declared war on mcp. what remains is reply basi. pamawu padusa. let’s not dignify this insult with discussion. what some of us relishis that us they drew the first blood. let’s see who has the last laugh. If it was not for my suspension I would have been one of the women being bitten fir wearing my party colours that I have aright to wear any where in the world. later on malawi and at a state function. I for one fiercely believe this is not an issue for discussion here.

DPP cadets think they are the only ones gifted with the ability to assault and even kill.But if we incite our members to avenge for what happened yesterday, there will be fire in this Country!!!

I am sure this will be the last time we hear of such incidents by cadets because people are tired. The retaliation will be brutal. Trust me.

I’m sure this will not be the last incident.Since they are conceding defeat on several fronts mainly due to the state sponsored corruption, they will resort to physical intimidation and this intimidation will ferment a revolution because history is replete with examples that when man is under oppression, he has always fought to emancipate himself.

Kunali BL 11 under Marshal that terrorised opposition koma la 40 linakwana and they were trimmed to size. One day, just one day!! mudzawona the other side of opposirion.

What I meant was people will retaliate and it will be very, very bloody

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