Joyce Banda Hires Journalist Idriss Ali Nassah, Kasakura,Kashoti To Clear Her As Not Being Involved In Cash Gate

Former President Joyce Banda who has been mentioned several times as the beneficiary of cash gate loot is reportedly under panic, desperate and afraid with revelation being made by State witness Leonard Kalonga.

According to sources close to Banda in her self imposed exile, she feels that government of Malawi is serious with cash gate cases that she may soon be cornered, with all revelation pointing out to her as the one who got 60% of the stolen money through her Peoples Party.

Banda’s desperation has forced her to hire journalist Idriss Ali Nassah who is based in Ethiopia, Diskson Kashoti who was an Editor of Banda’s propaganda tabloid now with Times and George Kasakula of Times Group to spin that she was not involved in cash gate.

The trio has agreed to make Malawians believe that Joyce Banda was not involved in cash gate rather her name was being abused by former budget Director, Paul Mpwiyo to achieve his goal of stealing money from Malawi governement.

“I want to think that this Paul Mphwiyo stole not for President Joyce Banda but for himself. Like a true kleptomaniac, he threw the president’s name around to intimidate, manipulate and loot some more.” Wrote Ali Nassah.

Convicts Ralph Kasambara who was former Minister of Justice in her Peoples Party term and Osward Lutepo a well known PP financier also mentioned that all the cash gate money was landing in the hands of Banda.

Nassah, Kasakula and Kashoti are well known supporters of Joyce Banda and Peoples Party, whose Party was bankrolled stolen by Mphwiyo and others between March and September 2013.

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