Yellow Journalists, Opposition Propagandists Schooled On The Role Of Concluded Reforms Commision

The Public Service Reforms Commission was given the following as the terms of reference:

• To chart the national direction and establish national priorities in Public Service reforms that will ensure successful change towards a dynamic, efficient and effective Public Service;

• To analyse and synthesise the information regarding the reform process in Malawi in order to understand the issues and make appropriate reform recommendations;

• To carry out consultations with various stakeholders in order to obtain harmonised ideas, views and inputs on reforms for the improvement of public service delivery;

• To conduct benchmarking tours to countries with good and successful practices in the implementation of Public Service reforms and recommend the application of such practices in the context of Malawi, taking into account the living realities of the Malawian Public Service and Malawi’s strategic policy documents;

• To decide and direct the implementation of quick-win reforms that can be fast-tracked and implemented immediately; and to recommend appropriate action for other short, medium and long term reforms;

• To facilitate the putting in place of a system that would ensure the dynamic activisation of the reforms, their sustainability and continuation in the Public Service;

• To establish partnerships with development partners in order to provide, in particular, financial assistance for the sustenance of ongoing Public Service reform initiatives as well as those recommended by the Commission;

• To create Public awareness and understanding of Public Service reforms among various stakeholders;

• To develop an effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation system, as well as a robust enforcement mechanism for the successful implementation of Public Service reform programmes;

• *To compile and submit monthly repor

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