Chiefs Living In Fear: Receiving Death Threats From Terror MCP Youths For Telling Chakwera To Respect Mw President

Chiefs from central region are reportedly living in fear following the remarks they made against Malawi Congress  Party President and Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera to respect the office of the President and the President after the attack Chakwera made on Malawi President Mutharika.

The chiefs who held a press conference in Lilongwe say they are receiving death threats from notorious terror MCP youths who are baying for their lives for reminding Chakwera to be an example of a good Chewa who are well known of respecting others and not to lose his morals for the sake of politics and hunger for power.

This did not go well with the MCP youths who are going after these chiefs on an mission to deal with them.

As that is not enough, Chakwera is parading some MCP supporters posing as concerned citizens to attack the chiefs in various  media houses.

Chakwera and his MCP terror youths are furious with these chiefs who are working together with the government in various development projects,contrary to his expectations that they would support him as a fellow chewa and MCP for being a central region party.

Some of the chiefs who are being intimidated by the terror MCP youth wing are Paramount Chief Lundu, Senior Chief Nthondo, Senior Chief Tsabango, Senior Chief Dzoole, Senior Chief Lukwa, T/A Mwase, Senior Chief Kalonga, Senior Chief Dambe, Senior Chief Kaomba, Senior Chief Kasakula, T/A Chauma, Senior Chief Khombedza,  T/A Chapananga, and T/A Mwase.


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