MCP Strategist,Conman Henry Kachaje Labels Malawi Police, Army Thieves: ‘These Men Can’t Be Trusted’

Malawi Congress Party Chief stratergist and conman Henry Kachaje who masquarades as Business Consult Africa (BCA) to rob poor Malawian as a motivation speaker has come up in the open to criticize and label Malawi top security agencies, the Police and the army as’Thieves’.

Kachaje made the remarks on facebook when he was responding to a donation which Khato civils has made to Malawi Police over the weekend.

In his comment, Kachaje said much as it is appreciated that Simbi Phiri has donated MK 4.5 Mn to Malawi Police Service for servicing motor vehicles which may have developed minor faults and 7 motor cycles, he was of the view that the police cannot be trusted as they are the reason Malawi is not developing because they steal alot.

“I would have loved if the motor cycles were already assembled because we will hear that the money given has been used to buy other parts of the motor cycles, these men in unforms are fond of swindling money everywhere.”He said.

Kachaje further said it is on record that cash gate was at the peak at Malawi army and Malawi police, a reason enough to believe that the army and the police are good at stealing.

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