Activists Say Mutharika More Popular Than Any Other Presidential Candidate:Likely To Win 2019 Elections With Landslide

Former rights activist Undule Mwakasungula has described as questionable a poll which claimed that President Peter Mutharika’s popularity has declined.

The poll was conducted by Central Media Development (CMD) Limited and showed that Malawians do not trust Mutharika to solve the current economic challenges and restore donor confidence.

But the pollster found that Malawians believe Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera can win back donors and end Malawi’s economic problems.

However, Mwakasungula said such polls are likely to be questionable and they might be politically oriented.

“We need as Malawians to stop politicising issues or try to promote certain individuals through opinions polls as opinion polls are there to bring unity in a country not confusion,” said Mwakasungula.

He added that such polls do not appeal to Malawians as they are questionable in terms of data collection tools as well as the samples used.

“Such polls are not credible as they have brought so many questions as one would ask what tools were used to find the opinions,” he said.

He added that opinion polls are important in any country but the one conducted by CMD would cause mischief and can bring confusion.

Mwakasungula said it seems the polls were doctored by someone in order to ruin government’s efforts to deal with the challenges facing the country.

According to Mwakasungula, government is doing a lot in making sure that problems the country is facing are dealt with.

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