President Mutharika’s Press Secretary Mgeme Kalilani In Robust Health After Surviving Horror Car Crash

President Mutharika’s press secretary Mgeme Kalilani on Monday survived a horrific accident when his vehicle clashed at Chimaliro forest before Jenda roadblock in Mzimba.

In a telephone interview, Kalilani confirmed of having a terrible accident but said he was fit as a fiddle as certified by medical personnel and would be able to return to work immediately.

The presidential spokesman said there is no need to worry as he is in a stable condition.“ I was been treated as an out patient at Jenda Health Centre,” he said.

“We sincerely thank the community around the accident spot. Police, health personnel and State House colleagues that came to help us,” he added.

Mgeme Kalilani was appointed as Mutharika’s Press Secretary in May this year (2016) from state Run MBC-Tv where he has worked for several year.

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