Mutharika Will Assent To ATI Bill:APM Cannot Hault What He Promised In 2014 Presidential Bid

The Minister of Information and Communication, Malison Ndau says there is no point to fear that the Head of State will not accent to the newly passed Access to Information Bill into a law as Mutharika was the only Presidential candidate  who promised to see his regime passing the ATI bill in the run to 2014 election and has no intentions to shoot his own dream.

Ndau said Malawians should not  fear the President Peter Mutharika wil veto the Information Law,saying the DPP manifesto openly indicated that it would support the passing of ATI bill.

President  Mutharika is reported to be the one  who has been encouraging and advising his parliamentarians to pass the bill,” Ndau said.

Parliament passed the Access to Information Bill with some amendments after deliberations went on beyond 8:00pm as there were some amendment’s which the house was considering.

Ndau said  the passing of the bill signifies government’s commitment to implement its promises saying previous governments have been failing to table and pass the bill.

“This bill came in the house after the Head of State gave it a go ahead and there is no point speculating that he may not accent to the act. That is a fear of the unknown because this bill is very important to the country not to one party, not to one section of the country but to all the 17 million people in the country,” said the Minister.

During the deliberations government insisted that wider consultations be done before it is passed.

Ndau said this was done in good faith as the Access to Information is an international document that needs to be in line with what other countries are doing.

Leader of government in Parliment, George Chaponda also  said there would no problem with Mutharika to assent to the bill.

He said the scrutiny that brought tension in the House before passing the Information Bill was normal, saying government wanted to refine issues and the opposition were determined to have the Bill passes in time.

“In a democracy you have to accept that sometimes you throw stones at one another and so on, but you later joke about it (in unity),” said Chaponda.

The Minister observed that what all members of Parliament did was commendable because they contributed positively to this important law for the country.


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