“No One Knows Of The Day JB Will Return, May Be Like A Thief Or Jesus”,Says Uladi Mussa

After over 2 years in a self imposed exile, former President Joyce Banda peeped out of her hiding place. In an interview with Voice of America’s (VOA) Straight Talk  the dethroned president promised, as she has been doing for these past 2 years, that she is all set to return to home, in a Jesus fashion. With no one being in the know of that time and day.

Nonetheless, she made clear the purpose of her return:“If Malawians want me to stand again, I shall answer that call!”

This simply means that Joyce Banda is not ready to come back home and if Malawians do not ask for her return, she will remain staying in exile.

Joyce Banda Politics Malawi

In an interview with acting Peoples Party President Uladi Mussa, He pointed out that Joyce Banda’s return is not yet known, making it clear that she will either show up in Malawi like a thief or her return will be like of Jesus Christ which is not even known by everyone including God the father.


Joyce Banda will always be remembered as the brainchild behind Cashgate, the worst financial scandal in Malawi eversince.

It is onrecord that  Joyce Banda only arrested suspects after enormous pressure and a clear uprising from the public. She was initially shielding the suspects.

Her intentions on cash gate  were to pool in funds for her candidacy. If she would argue that she wasn’t aware that people were looting under her nose until after the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo, then she concedes to being the most incompetent leader Malawi could ever employ for the presidency. Certainly, not one worthy another opportunity.

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