Joyce Banda Suspected Of Poisoning Treza Senzani To Death

Shocking! Joyce Banda Linked To Senzani’s Death…As Lutepo, Kasambara, Manondo, Karonga Live In Fear

Shocking! Joyce Banda Linked To Senzani’s Death…As Lutepo, Kasambara, Manondo, Karonga Live In Fear

Reports are emerging of possible food poisoning attempts on late Treza Senzani while she was serving jail time at Maula Prison and all leads are pointing to former President Joyce Banda who for the past two years has been in self-imposed exile hiding from Cashgate prosecution.

Prison warders who spoke on condition of anonymity say barely two months after Senzani was incarcerated at Maula, strange people kept coming to see and give her food though she kept refusing knowing them.

“Our gate men who taste food before a visitor enters prison premises were always surprised because Senzani would always refuse to eat their food saying she did not know them. She insisted that only her family members were mandated to bring her food,” said the warder.

However, Senzani was on several occasions bedridden due to traces of poison in her blood stream. The warders believe the strange people might have managed to pass the food through other means.

Flashback: JB Poses for a photo with Lutepo after donating cashgate minibus at the Sanjika Palace
“Corruption is very rampant here at Maula, someone might have brought the food through the back door. I think she might have eaten some food from a friend in her cell because prisoners share food all the time,” said the warder while recalling a moment when all three inmates in Senzani’s cell developed headache and vomited all night until they were taken to the infirmary in the morning.

It is not clear whether Senzani’s enemies wanted to kill her right there in prison or had other motives.

Now that she is dead people who were close to her are regretting why they never sought special protection from Police to foil any evil plan on her life.

Since Cashgate cases commenced two convicts have died mysteriously in a clear indication that someone is shielding the truth from coming out. Joster Njanji who was Principal Secretary (Finance) in 2013 also died months ago while awaiting trial and sentencing.

Both Njanji and Senzani mentioned Joyce Banda as a key suspect in Cashgate as she deliberately stole government money to fund her political campaign.

There are fears that other Cashgate suspects and convicts who also mentioned JB are in danger of being eliminated. These include former Peoples Party executive members Oswald Lutepo at Mikuyu Prison and Ralph Kasambara at Zomba Maximum, former Tourism Principal Secretary Leonard Karonga and former Accountant at Parliament Pika Manondo also serving jail time at Zomba.Everyone who accuses JB whether in Malawi or outside on her shady deals has never been safe.
In early 2014 a Nigerian national, Michael Anyiam- Osigwe, was also brutally murdered in Abuja when he started leaking information about corrupt oil deals between JB and former Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan.
JB has for the past two years postponed her return every time her name is mentioned in a court of law during Cashgate cases.

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