VP Chilima Says Discipline Key To Successful Reforms: Sends Back Shabby Dresses Council Officials,Late Comers

Malawi daily newspaper on Monday used its editorial comment to applaud vice president Saulos Chilima for his action last week during the Public Service Reforms Commission meeting with local authorities in Blantyre where he sent back some for late-coming and others for shabby dressing.

The Nation reported that late-comers and poorly-dressed district council officers were send back at Mount Sochi hotel.

Mangochi District Commissioner, James Manyetera, is quoted by the paper that one of his officials was sent back because he was not presentable.

Malawi dressing code for business meetings is lounge suit, shirt and necktie for men and business suit or a national dress for women.

The Nation in the editorial comment agreed with Vice President Chilima to value discipline and time management.

“Reporting late for a meeting without valid reason is being disrespectful,” the paper noted.

“For the record, this was not the first time the Vice President has taken such drastic measures to enforce discipline on time management. The other day he locked out of a meeting some principal secretaries (PSs0 and other senior government officials for reporting late,” reads the editorial comment in part.

It said through such actions, the Vice President is sending “strict signals” about discipline in the public sector and Malawian way of life in general.

“There should be no ‘African time’ syndrome. If it is 8am it should be 8am,” said the paper.

It concluded that successful implementation of reforms in the public sector should start with discipline at individual and departmental level.

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