Kamlepo Kalua Plans To Form Own Party: Risks Losing Parliamentary Seat For His Northern Block

Outspoken People’s Party interim Vice President, and Member of Parliament for Rumphi East, Honourable Kamlepo Kalua is on the verge of losing his Parliamentary seat after it has been revealed that he is heading a forum for Members of Parliament in the northern region of Malawi who have for the first time come together and formulated a group called ‘northern block’.

Commentators say, this move by Kamlepo is a departure from the constitutional provisions that protect the integrity of political parties from unscrupulous members of parliament.

The group which is expected to hold a news conference this week, want to pull in one direction in fighting for issues like education qyarter system of selecting students to public universities, equal opportunities and development.

This has been termed as “crossing the floor,” by some quarters, warning that the Member of Parliament risks losing his seat over the same. When asked to comment, PP interim President, Hon Uladi Mussa, asked for more time stating that he needs to consult his party on the development. However, random interviews with PP members of parliament have revealed that the party will petition the speaker of parliament to declare Kalua’s seat vacant as he is the one leading the group and the group’s agenda, which is political in nature, is contrary to the party’s principles.

When quizzed on their part, whether the Democratic Progressive Party will support the motion should it be tabled, DPP Secretary General said the party believes in the democratic process and has no business interfering with the internal affairs of parties on their sick bed. However, he was quick to say that it is high time members of parliament learnt to respect the constitutional order.

On his part, Malawi Congress Party Deputy Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka indicated that the Malawi Congress Party would have to consult it’s members to see if it’s necessary to pursue such MP’s but if their agenda is in line with what MCP fights for, then they have no problem, although supporting the members would mean helping in breaking the law.

Others members who risk losing their seats include Enoch Chihana, Ephraim Chiume, Chilenga, Mzomera Ngwira, Commodious Nyirenda, Chinthu Phiri, Malani Mtonga, Raphael Mhone and Olipa Chiluba Muyaba among others.

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