APM Hits Back At Chakwera:’Never Mind Election Loosing Cry Baby’s,Ku Opposition Mkowawa’

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has hit back at leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera’s criticism of the presidency, describing them as cries of a frustrated loser of an election who thought joining politics would give him a smooth road to State House forgetting that Malawians need result oriented leadership which is found in DPP and not banking all the hopes on being a man of God who thinks is a messiah sent to save Malawi.

Mutharika spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani said Chakwera contested the 2014 presidential elections on Malawi Congress Party ticket, His Excellency the president Professor Peter Mutharika contested the elections on Democratic Progressive Party ticket and he won the elections. Since Chakwera lost the elections to Professor Mutharika, he has always been frustrated and vented his anger for nothing for he still wakes up being the leader of opposition and not President of Malawi as Mutharika.

Kalilani added that Mutharika understands better of what it means to be in opposition and he is not surprised seeing Chakwera crying like that describing his rants as a characteristics of a bitter man in opposition.

Mutharika on several occasion has kept saying he will make sure that those in opposition should be there forever for it is where they belong.

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