Ken Msonda Vows To Reveal Who Real Cashgate Beneficiaries Are In PP

Former spokesperson for Peoples Party (PP) Ken Msonda has on Sunday threatened to disclose the secrets of his former party.

The vocal politician made threat when answering questions at a ‘Tiwuzeni zowona’ program on Zodiac radio aired on Sunday.

” I did not reveal the evil secrets of the United Democratic Front when I was joining PP because its followers never followed my political footsteps but these guys they should be careful, ” he disclosed.

He then shocked the listeners when he said ” I know the people who stole public funds and I already reported them to Anti Corrption Bureau, I have their list.”

Msonda said PP members were insulting him for joining DPP because they are jealous with his political progress.

“I think government should change our national anthem especially where the song talks about ‘hunger, disease and envil’ because these are the major things that have destroyed our nation,” he suggested.

He defended his decision of joining DPP was from God and not money.

Msonda is among the 24 politicians who joined DPP recently.

PP spokesman Noah Chimpeni MP said he could comment on Msonda’s remarks because he did not listen to ther interview and don’t know the context which the party’s former spokesman made his remarks.

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