APM Honored With Ambassadorial Country Status Award By Africa Disability Alliance

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on December 3, received an Ambassadorial Country Status Award courtesy of Africa Disability Alliance.This is a top civil society award, the only one of its kind in Africa.

President Mutharika received the award when he was presiding over International Day of Persons with Disability at Luchenza in Thyolo District.

This award is in recognition of progress made to date in disability policy development, formulation of disability-inclusive laws and mainstreaming of disability rights in all sectors of government and society.

It further symbolizes and acknowledges the leadership role that government and citizens play at national, regional and international level in advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities.

“Using the policy directions we have initiated, Malawi will in no time become a fully inclusive society where people living with disabilities shall maximize their potential to contribute towards nation building. Under my leadership one’s potential outweighs any kind of physical limitations they might have. Remember, disability is never inability. Together, we can build a greater Malawi, ” wrote President Peter Mutharika on his official facebook page.

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