MCP 2019 Campaign Stratergy Exposed: Eagle Base Laid Bare

Malawi Congress Party strategy in 2019 elections has been exposed and laid bare before its implementation. Malawi Independent has learnt.

According to MCP, a secret movement was established called the Eagles Base which was formed with the aim of acting as a behind the scenes Campaign Force For Chakwera And Mcp, In Areas Where Mcp As A Party has been Performing Poorly since 1994 elections.

Just as any other grouping within the MCP files, Eagles base is made up of MCP youths who went through a heavy vetting process among themselves to make sure that outsiders or agents of other political platforms were not included.

The Only Difference From Other Group Is That ,Eagle Base Was Formed As A Youth Group To Help Campaign And To Recruit New Members For The Party Especially The Youth Who Will Make Over 60% Of their Voting Population In 2019, this is according to their wisdom.

Eagle Base Objectives

1. To Campaign For Chakwera And Mcp In Areas Where We Perform Poorly In Order To Get More Votes Come 2019.

2.To Help Mcp As A Party To Recruit More Members Especially The Youth In Those Areas Where We Perform Poorly.

3.To Sponsor Party Materials To Mcp Youth Meetings In Areas Mcp Performs Poor.

How Do They Implement This Objectives.

In Order For The Eagles To Implement This ,The Guide Lines Were Made And Are As Follows;

Eagle base will have Leaders Who Will Have The Sole Mandate To Provide
1.Direction Of The Group.
2.To Set The Agendas Of How Issues Are Tackled In An Orderly Manner As Per The Objectives Of The Group.
3.Administer The Activities Of The Group.
4.To Add The Members To The Group.
5.To Scrutinize The Members Before They Are Added To The Group To Avoid Adding The Sellouts.

Known for their cruety and imposing hard conditions on the poor, Eagle Base set aside a Membership Fees From All Members Joining The Group amounting toMk 15,000.00.Annually ans another Monthly Contributions Of Mk 2,000.00 Per member in a Month.

According to them, the Funds will be used to buy members from other parties who are desperate for money as well us pay some guys they will hire to organize terror ahead of the election.

It Is a must that one must pay that MK 15,000.00 fee before joining the Eagle Base just as the case was with the cards when MCP was in power.

Who are the leaders of Eagles Base-Current Leaders

Wilbert Mwale Botswana.

Gerald Mzaza Nkhata United Kingdom

Ernest Khama Sambo Usa

Mirriam Mzanda Bt Malawi

Lamek Kalanje Malawi

Ramsy Khan Malawi

Gift Chikhadwe Malawi.

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