Chakwera Is A Dictator, He Changed AOG Constitution To Let Him Be The Only Church President Before Politics…Says Jumbe

Top members of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) on Thursday were bitter on Facebook following a post by Salima Central Member of Parliament (MP) Felix Jumbe which they thought was an attack to their leader Lazarus Chakwera who before joining politics, he changed the constitution of Malawi Assemblies of God to favour him, a development which saw him being a life president for the church before joining politics.

Jumbe, who was fired from MCP had posted that Malawi practices politics that is informed by poverty (envy) and when one rise to leadership position, then begins hedging the position against all contenders just to become life president.

Jumbe added that: “Poverty is such an evil that even leaders in the church change constitution to fit them to continue when their term of office is due.”

The parliamentarian comments didn’t go well with some lazy minds from the MCP camp who have nothing to do than waste their time on social media, who thought that the post is a direct attack to their leader Dr Lazarus Chakwela who was once a long time president of the Malawi Assemblies of God church.

From the look of things, Chakwera is indeed a dictator and a bad person who used his powers and influence while serving as the leader of Assemblies of God to be the only man filling the top post in their church.

If not for politics, chances are Chakwera could still be the President of Assemblies of God until now.

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