Alekeni Menyani Vows To Deal With Speaker Msowoya: Pays Times Group Reporter To Dry Clean His VP Today

Malawi Congress Party law marker and member of Parliamentary Account Committee (PAC) Alekeni Menyani has declared war with Speaker of parlimant cum Vice President For Malawi COngress Party (MCP) Richard Msowoya.Malawi Independent has established.

According to a telephone conversation that we have come accross, Alekeni Menyani called someone a friend to organize a good journalist to be used in dealing with the speaker who he said has crossed the red line and people must look forward to what will come out in Daily Times edition of today about him.

Menyani is on record to have paid a Times Group journalist handsomely yesterday for the purpose of dealing with Msowoya on the instructions of MCP President Lazarus CHakwera.

MCP wants to deal with Msowoya to find someomne to replace him as their President in 2019 elections by making sure that he is probled in the tractor gate.

“We will deal with him and what he has done with PAC will end up with a proble on how he got a governemnt tractor.”Menyani has been quoted.

This is the first time for MCP officials to be fighting their own speaker. Msowoya has over the months been tussled by MCP and is likely to be chopped from his position as to pave way for another speaker and MCP VP

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