Political Prostitution (PP) Founder Is Joyce Banda: Exposing How They Moved From One Party To The Other

Some opposition PP members, more especially here on electronic media, have the audacity to call dozens of politicians that joined DPP as political spent forces.That is only a way of showing how painful they have felt being dumped by key players in their camp.Peoples Party can better be called Political Prostitutes (PP) as they have been you all the ring leaders of spent forcing in PP.

This is how they have been prostituting politically:

  1. Joyce Banda (from mcp to UDF to DPP to PP and currently in self imposed exile).
  2. Uladi mussa (UDF, DPP, MPP, PP).

  3. Paul maulidi (udf, dpp, republican, new republican party, maravi peoples and pp).

  4. Joseph chikwemba (udf, dpp and now pp)

  5. Peter kaleso (aford, udf, nda, udf, dpp now pp).

  6. Ibrahim matola (udf, independent, pp).

  7. Grace maseko (independent, udf now she is one leg in pp and the other in dpp)

  8. Ralph Jooma (independent, udf, dpp now PP)

  9. David Kambalame (mcp, udf, dpp and now he is in PP.

  10. Mganda Chiume (MCP, UDF, DPP and now one leg PP while the other in DPP).

What this means is that if we use political prostitution in describing whether one is spentforce or not then we would say without contradiction that pp is a rotten party led by hard-core political prostitutes ..

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