JB Family Has No Respect For Malawians: Son Roy Calls Them ‘Millipedes’,Kumpukwe Called Them Makape

JB son demean Malawians

JB son demean Malawians

Revelations have shown that the Joyce Banda’s family continue to disrespect Malawians who have always helped their mother politically, to the extent of venting their anger in public by calling them all sorts of bad names for expressing their political views contrary to the Joyce Banda’s family.

Writing on his facebook wall, Former President Joyce Banda’s son has labelled all people who have joined DPP from their family Peoples Party which has almost collapsed as ‘chameleons,millipedes and scorpions’ just to mention a few.

“Analimata, a bongololo, zinkhamila, anasalulu, a pumbwa….Basi mkumati mwatola?”Roy Kachale wrote amid dry cleaning by some unscrupulous people on Social media

This is how the family of former president Joyce Banda views people that have worked and works with them.

It is not the first time the family has demeaned Malawians this way. Not far from today, Cecilia Kumpukwe called Malawians on social media using unpalatable words such as being ‘Makape’.

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