Vote Of No Confidence For Opposition Parties As MCP, PP Members Are Set To Join Ruling DPP At Masintha’s Blue Sea

DPP to welcome new members

DPP to welcome new members

In what can best be described as a political carnival, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party will today Sunday bring Lilongwe City to a lockdown when party leader and State President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika holds a mass rally at Masintha ground.

Professor Mutharika is expected to lead the blue sea at a rally where he will primarily explain his government’s policies and programmes in the upliftment of livelihoods of Malawians.

According to numerous grassroot party leaders in Lilongwe, the rally is going to be the first of its kind in terms of their readiness taking into account that Masintha Ground has not hosted a major DPP rally for many months.

The President will also receive into the party a host of senior members from opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP).

These defections are a major blow mainly to MCP who have always claimed that Lilongwe and Central Region is their bedrock.

Of late the MCP has been going through a rough ride on the political scene as a huge chasm continues to widen thereby revealing great divisions among party structures.

It now seems the more Lazarus Chakwera tries to sort things out, the more many party members see him as the real problem. Calls for his resignation have been growing louder by day.

So too with PP whose leader Joyce Banda has been in self-imposed exile since losing the elections in 2014. Members have been defecting to DPP en masse in the Southern Region.

Time has now come for people who want to join the DPP from other parties to do so and participate in development and nation building under the ruling party.

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