Illegal Immigrant Sadi Karegeya In Tax Evasion, Rending Unlicensed Guns To Arm Robbers

Illegal Immigrant Sadi Karegeya has been caught pants down as he has been named in a recent tax evasion report, owing Malawi government billions in tax arrears.

Sources from the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) say the Rwandan National has created a terrible syndicate with some MRA officials to milk Malawi government what belongs to her by dodging tax through importation of cosmetics from Tanzania via Karonga Boarder.

As that is not enough.Karegeya who is based in Area 49,Lilongwe is also in another scam as he has been put on wanted list for being in procession of illegal firearms which some thugs have been hiring for armed robbery.

Few months ago, Mr. Karegeya was also arrested and was remanded at Chichiri Prison for six months for using fake business permits.

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