Poly Students Tired Of PSU Politics, Staying Home: Wants College To Open…Ready To Pay New Fees Structure

Polytechnic Students have asked their Students Union (P.S.U) to bow down and give up the fight against the University Council’s decision to hike school fees.

This is according to a memo released on Thursday 24th November 2016 addressed to the Sudents Union and in possession of Malawi Independsnt.

In preamble, the letter hails P.S.U for its spirit of stewardship it has shown in the fight against the fee hike which they say has demonstrated mature, sound and admirable leadership skills.

However, the students being the one’s who elected the union members into their respective positions feels they have worn out with the stand off hence the need for the union to give up the battle to instill the hope in the students that they will get back to class soon.

“Considering the issue at stake, we fear that we the people who elected you into those positions are now worn out by this battle. Everyday we wake up with no hope of going back to class to commence our studies” reads part of the letter.

It adds: “We have observed with concern that the current stand off regardless of its content is costing community a great deal of rime which to say the truth is irredeemable”.

The students have given the Students Union three steps to follow on the steps are as follows:

I. Before Tuesday 29th November 2016, P.S.U must engage the University Council to start negotiations before court rulling on 12th December 2016;

II. Ask the University Council to open the college before 5th December 2016 in exchange for us agreeing to pay the new fees structure;

III. Ask Unversity Council to create a flexible payment and registration process in the view of the above, we believe that you will take heed of our concerns and address them before the end of
today 24th November 2016.

The students believes this is the right path to end the stand-off that has kept the students out of school for months as well as fasten the re-opening of the college.

The matter is currently in court and a rulling will presented on December 12.

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