MCP Executive Calls Joyce Banda Crooked, Disgraceful ,Mafia-Like Politician: ‘Atipaka Nyasi Uyu’

MCP calls JB Mafia-like politician

MCP calls JB Mafia-like politician

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leadership has said it is not carried away with sentiments by former President Joyce Banda belittling their President Lazarus Chakwera .

Recently, Joyce Banda is on record saying Chakwera is a small boy who cannot manage to unseat Malawi President Peter Mutharika but her.

Responding to Banda’s sentiments, MCP has hit back at Banda calling her a mafia-like politician who takes poor Malawians to her advantage and she does not qualify to be in power again.

“Joyce Banda is a crooked and disgraceful politician who can no longer be trusted with government affairs.Only Chakwera has the stamina to lead the opposition against Mutharika for the next two decades”.Said MCP Deputy Secretary General ,Eisenhower Mkaka.

MCP executive has said it does noyt want to be associated with someone whose political CV is dainted with cash gate connections all over her face.

“Uyu atipaka nyasi.We do not need her else people will also connect us to her crooked ways,”added Mkaka.

This cold war has left MCP and PP supporters in suspense bearing in mind that the two party’s agreed to have a working alliance which is aimed to take the DPP government out of power.

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