Forget About MCP-PP Alliance:JB Calls Chakwera Small Boy Who Cant’ Defeat APM …Declares War With MCP In 2019 Elections

Chakwera too small to fight APM

Chakwera too small to fight APM

Former Malawi President Joyce Banda told Voice of America (VOA) few days ago that only she – not MCP’s Lazarus Chakwera – is capable of unseating Professor Mutharika at the 2019 elections.

In an interview that was monitored on the country’s private media, JB hinted that she is returning home anytime to prepare herself for the 2019 elections because she thinks Malawians still want her.

All this despite her tainted record following her connection to the stealing of billions of public funds in what came to be termed as Cashgate between 2012 – 2014.

“Malawians still want me and I am the only one who can unseat Mutharika. The other candidates cannot manage such a feat,” she told VOA presenter Shaka.

JB came a distant third to Professor Mutharika and Chakwera during the 2014 elections and her party has struggled to win any by-election ever since.

MCP deputy Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka, rubbished JB’s misrepresentation of reality as a farce and shameful.

“She is a crooked and disgraceful politician who can no longer be trusted with government affairs. Only Chakwera has the stamina and values to lead the opposition against Mutharika not JB,” said the furious youthful GS.

Mkaka further said with how JB plundered public resources it would be hard even for MCP to consider an alliance with her Peoples Party at any cost.

“There has been talk of a coalition between MCP and PP but looking at what she is saying and her track record in governing the country then we would rather go it alone. Chakwera is capable whilst JB is not.”

A possible coalition between the two parties has been on the cards for some time though talks have now stalled following the departure of Kenneth Msonda from PP. He acted as the main. anchorman between the PP and MCP’s task force on coalition talks.

JB’s recent comments on Chakwera further creates a rift that has been widening since the coalition talks fell off.
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