Convicted Lawyer Ralph Kasambara Liking Posts, Becoming Friends With People On Facebook While In Prison

Former Minister and Attorney General Who is serving a jail term for conspiracy to murder former Budget Director, Ralph Kasambara is reported having access to his phones and other electronic means of communication, contrary to the rules and regulations of Malawi Prison service at Zomba Maxmum Prison.We have established

Post liked by Kasambara

Post liked by Kasambara

According to facebookers, Malawians were in amaze when they saw the once powerful lawyer liking a post made by his wife Magie Namizinga, thanking those who helped them during the funeral of Kasambara’s sister who died some days ago.
As that is not the end of the story, Kasambara is reported to have come friends with another person on facebook just some minutes ago, as seen in the screenshot circulating on facebook.

We are yet to hear from those that look after the Prisons if the laws of Malawi have changed to allow prisoners to be accessing their phones or social media while serving jail term.

Sometime back, it was also reported that Kasambara had his phone at the prison which he was using to threaten and intimidate Judges and other people before he was convicted.

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