Leadership Crisis Hits MCP:Executive Members Seek “Better” Candidate

Chakwera wanted out of MCP

Chakwera wanted out of MCP

A leaked WhatsApp conversation allegedly between Malawi Congress Party’s UK-based social media campaigner, Gerald Mzaza Nkhata and a member of the party’s executive exposes cracks in the oldest serving opposition party as it is revealed that a section of the top leadership have lost confidence in Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s leadership.

In a series of screenshots that have circulated on social media, we can reveal that Mr Nkhata has put it clear that he is not satisfied with Dr Chakwera’s style of leadership. In the conversation, where he calls the MCP Leader useless, Nkhata goes on to admit that Professor Mutharika has every chance of winning against Dr Chakwera, whom he described as “having no clue as to leadership.”




Meanwhile, the other party to the conversation, an undisclosed member of the MCP National Executive Committee echoed the sentiments of Nkhata and continued saying that he would love to see change in MCP leadership through a convention, but he is afraid as he is not sure as to whether he would go through.

The oldest party in Malawi has been locked in a series of squabbles since it lost the May 2014 elections, which has resulted in the suspension and dismissals of various NEC members including the outspoken Jessie Kabwila and Felix Jumbe.

The party’s Secretary General has since written the MCP President to call for a convention and normalize the positions in MCP NEC, a development that most appointed members are uncomfortable with.

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