Chakwera Joins The Movie Industry: Stages Robbery Attack To Gain Public Sympathy

MCP inside sources have disclosed that their leader Lazarus Chakwera and his aides staged Tuesday’s robbery on his Area 9 residence in a bid to buy public sympathy and further fault government over ‘lapse of security’ in the country.

Malawians woke to reports from MCP diehards on social media accusing other political quarters of targeting their leader during the night of Tuesday.

However, ongoing investigations at Police Headquarters in Lilongwe indicate that the whole robbery was a plan which in the end is failing to add up.

“Chakwera himself told his police security that he does not need them for the night on Tuesday because his own party boys were having a meeting and would at the same time guard the premises,” said a senior police investigator this morning in an exclusive interview.

Despite insisting to stay on and man the gates at Chakwera’s residence, the two Malawi Police Service officers were roughed up by the party boys who yelled at and accused them of clinging to the residence for no good reason.

“Our officers (names withheld) came to the office at around 7pm to report that they had been chased by party supporters at Honorable Chakwera’s house. We tried to call him and find out why he did not need our security detail but his aides made sure our efforts were futile,” added the officer.

Strangely, it was the same night at around 3am that MCP sympathizers say the place was ransacked by robbers. A call was made by Mr Eisenhower Mkaka to report the incident but the earlier circumstances made police officers doubt the honesty of the report.

When police went to Chakwera’s residence in the morning they did not gather viable facts relating to any robbery.

“We asked if the party youths who held an overnight meeting could come and give reports but party members say we shoukd just do our job. How on earth can we do our job when our officers were chased and there is no eye witness to the robbery?” queried the officer.

Police are also puzzled that the premises look unscathed with only scattered chairs, beer bottles and condoms littered on the lawn.

Chakwera and other senior MCP members have refused to enter statements today saying they are busy with Parliament and cannot waste time with a robbery which they believe was staged.

Police say they will still push the investigations and demand Chakwera and other ‘eye witnesses’ enter statements of what really happened on the night.

The oldest opposition party has oflate been experiencing heavy infighting, a development which has led to most senior party officials like secretary general Gustav Kaliwo, party spokeperson Jessie Kabwila, Parliamentarian Felix Jumbe and party heavyweight Joseph Njobvuyalema being purged by Chakwera.

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